Mobility Ambitions for Europe 2024


This is a wide-ranging dossier on Europe’s mobility regulation towards 2024 for the new European Parliament and Commission.

A decarbonised dependable mobility for all

To reduce the environmental impacts of mobility without curbing the free movement of citizens or goods, EU policies should focus on achieving greater modal shift by making use of market-based incentives and pricing as well as by focusing on technological change to lower vehicle emissions. The EU should develop mobility policies that fairly and efficiently internalise external costs, such as pollution.

“In tune with today’s reality, smarter regulation should be the hallmark of a European Union dedicated to working for its citizens. This will contribute to the much-needed consolidation of our democracy and to a stronger Europe”, says CERRE’s Director General, Bruno Liebhaberg.  “Delivering on Europe’s climate, digital and mobility ambitions, as well as strongly defending European values of democracy and solidarity are challenging tasks. Yet they are achievable if European institutions act together in these critical sectors for Europe.”


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