Past Events


Unlocking the full potential of the digital economy, and achieving the ambitious goals of the European Commission’s Digital Agenda, rests on a basic concept: connectivity. Europeans will need access to high-speed internet ...


Since the European Commission tabled its proposal for revising the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) in May, there have been 1044 amendments...


The workshop will begin with a presentation of the findings of a new CERRE report ‘Empowering Electricity Consumers in Retail and Wholesale Markets’. That report provides...


The role of natural gas in Europe’s energy future is unclear - both with respect to market developments and policy design. Gas, in theory, has a number of characteristics that make ...


The Energy Union Package sets out to deliver a well-functioning, unified, continent-wide Internal Electricity ...


Including the presentation of a new CERRE report on the relationship between data, market power and dominance, as well as debate amongst high-level speakers


This CERRE Executive Seminar will present the conclusions of a new CERRE research project examining the lessons to be learned from Europe’s experience in liberalising passenger rail services. 


This Executive Seminar will present the recommendations of CERRE's new report on EU climate change policy governance and debate the proposed governance structures of the EU's Winter Packge


At a time when the European Union’s capacity to tackle the challenges faced by the continent is questioned by some, its enforcement of competition law is perhaps the most visible display of the EU’s strength.


This CERRE Executive Seminar will bring together operators, policymakers, regulators and experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges of digitisation in transport.