Brexit and its implications for British and EU Energy and Climate Policy


With the clock ticking down towards the UK’s exit from the European Union in March 2019, every sector of the European economy is scrambling to understand the potential impact. The European energy sector is no different.

This new CERRE report examines the likely implications of Brexit for the energy sector in both the UK and the EU-27, featuring:

  • Original analysis on the impact on energy prices on both sides of the Channel;
  • Implications for the operation of interconnections and future interconnector investment;
  • Potential models for the UK’s future engagement with European energy policy;
  • The likely impact on future European policy priorities;
  • The negotiating priorities for both sides.

Authored by Professor Michael Pollitt (CERRE & University of Cambridge) and Dr Chi Kong Chyong (University of Cambridge), the report provides insight and guidance for a sector which has long been a success story for UK/EU cooperation and integration.

Prof. Michael G. Pollit, Dr Kong Chyong