Energy Ambitions for Europe 2024


This is a wide-ranging dossier on Europe’s energy regulation towards 2024 for the new European Parliament and Commission.


A fair, efficient and sustainable Energy Union

  • Policymakers must take full account of the distributional effects of the current and future regulation that will enact the energy and climate transition. This should include the creation of a European Observatory tasked with monitoring those effects in multiple EU markets and recommending mitigation measures.
  • To drive decarbonisation, the European Commission should prioritise expanding the scope of the European Emissions Trading System (ETS) to include more sectors such as transport and agriculture, with at least 85% coverage of all emitting sectors. To accelerate global decarbonisation, Europe should also foresee linking the EU ETS with similar schemes around the world.

“In tune with today’s reality, smarter regulation should be the hallmark of a European Union dedicated to working for its citizens. This will contribute to the much-needed consolidation of our democracy and to a stronger Europe”, says CERRE’s Director General, Bruno Liebhaberg.  “Delivering on Europe’s climate, digital and mobility ambitions, as well as strongly defending European values of democracy and solidarity are challenging tasks. Yet they are achievable if European institutions act together in these critical sectors for Europe.”


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