This report highlights the achievements, impact and activities of the Centre on Regulation in Europe for January to December 2018.


This CERRE report provides recommendations to competition authorities on how to better assess market power in the platform economy.


This short paper investigates the necessary next steps to further stimulate the EU Digital Single Market. It provides recommendations for smart regulation, policy and efficient enforcement in uncertain environments to help achieve the EU’s digital leadership ambitions.


This report investigates the playing field in audiovisual advertising. It provides recommendations to national and EU policy makers to level out these differences including in the access to data and in the ability to use it.

Device Neutrality CERRE

This paper explores whether and how “device neutrality” regulation is warranted, above and beyond the existing regulations on net neutrality.




This short paper examines the innovation process in rail transport and considers the adequacy of current incentives to innovate.





This Issue Paper provides an overview of opportunities and challenges brought by the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to counter online hate speech.


This Issue Paper considers three topics where changes in the EECC are expected to make a significant difference.



This report analyses the possible evolution of the European electricity market under different levels of variable renewable energy penetration towards 2025.


This original CERRE report reveals that the current level of public funds to support broadband deployment in Europe is insufficient.