Study on the European Digital Single Market


A new study led by Alexandre de Streel (CERRE and University of Namur), for the European Parliament’s IMCO Committee reviews the rules adopted during the 8th Parliamentary legislature (2014-2019) to strengthen the Digital Single Market. It identifies the gaps and possible actions for the forthcoming Parliament. 


“During the 8th legislature, the European Parliament and the other EU institutions have been very active in the digital field. To review the numerous achievements, we present the DSM measures into six building blocks.

The two first blocks relate to the digital services used by European consumers and citizens: the e-commerce and online platforms and the e-government services.

The three successive blocks are horizontal and necessary to ensure the development of and the trust in private and public digital services; they relate to data and AI, security and the specific consumer protection for the digital era.

Finally, the last block relates to the infrastructures on which the digital applications are provided: the electronic communications networks and services.

Most of the policy actions during the 8th legislature took place for e-commerce and online platforms as well as for data and AI.”

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