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On 24 March 2011, CERRE had the great honour and pleasure to welcome Prof. Mario Monti (President, Bocconi University and former EU Commissioner in charge of Competition and the Internal Market) to its CERRE Regulation Forum, on the issue of "Why is there no single market in the network...


From March 2011 onwards, CERRE will launch its new CERRE Expert Workshop (CEW) series of events.  Their goal is to deepen the discussion and analysis of specific sub-subjects which cannot be handled in depth in the course of the evening CRF sessions, due among other to time constraints, or...


CERRE has submitted today a contribution to the European Commission's consultation on Network Neutrality and the Open Internet. The executive summary and full report are provided below.

The term ‘network neutrality’ covers a number of distinct issues. In the short term, Internet...