New Study: 'Liability of online hosting platforms'

Tiina Astola DG JUST European Commission Platforms liability CERRE

On 13 September, CERRE published a new report analysing the current liability regime for online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Should their liability increase with their growing economic and societal importance? 



This topic is very high in the EU’s agenda, as the Parliament just voted to adopt the proposed reform of the copyright rules. Tiina Astola, Director General for DG JUST, European Commission gave the opening speech for the launch of the report.


This research has been carried out by CERRE Joint Academic Director Prof. Alexandre de Streel (University of Namur), CERRE Research Fellow Prof. Martin Peitz and Dr Miriam Buiten (both from University of Mannheim).

Their recommendations for a safer internet


Read the full report and its policy recommendations for rules leading to a safer internet.