New CERRE Policy Paper


By forcing everyone in the industry to revise their strategy and go back to the drawing board, the current economic crisis has made the future of electronic communications in Europe more open than it has ever been in the last decade. Strategies currently being established carry more uncertainty than before. Technological evolution is open. As a consequence demand is less predictable than it used to be since there are potentially many ways to satisfy customer needs, and the success of a new offering might depend as much on timing and marketing as on the strength of the underlying technology. The supply structure is also more complex than before. So-called OTT players are now competing directly with traditional industry members, i.e. network operators, and fixed/mobile convergence is on the horizon, starting with bundled offers.

Taking account of the discussions which have taken place on 26 September 2013 in the course of a CERRE Executive Seminar on these topics, this policy paper addresses the changing face of the internal market. It outlines the limits of regulatory fragmentation and the benefits of regulatory convergence. The mirage of a single EU authorization and the issue of level-playing field with OTTs are also discussed. In its conclusions, the paper presents some policy trade-offs to be addressed at EU and Member State level.