IP Interconnect: To Regulate or Not to Regulate?

20/09/2017 - 08:30 to 10:00
University Foundation, Rue d'Egmont 11, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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The exchange of traffic between telecommunications networks has been the subject of regulation ever since alternative suppliers were allowed to enter European markets. Initially, traffic exchange – and the corresponding regulation – was overwhelmingly concerned with voice call exchange. The exchange of data traffic evolved differently and its characteristics were such that no regulation was deemed necessary.

However, as data services have evolved, so too have views on the need for ex-ante regulation.

The regulatory regimes of traffic exchange mechanisms between networks will be the subject of significant revision under the European Commission’s proposed ‘Electronic Communications Code’.

A differentiated approach for different traffic types is proposed, reflecting the fact that today in Europe there are effectively three distinct traffic exchange schemes, dealing respectively with fixed-voice traffic, mobile-voice traffic and general data traffic.

However, while European regulators and indeed the Commission itself see a harmonised approach to traffic exchange as a kind of ideal, European operators continue to fight for, and build for, different interconnect regimes for different traffic classes.

As interested parties sharpen their positions on the Commission proposals, CERRE launched a new research project to consider the risks and opportunities of this twin track approach in Europe and whether regulators have sufficient tools under the new regulatory framework to address any issues that might arise.

This CERRE Breakfast Meeting will bring together key industry representatives, European policy-makers and independent experts to debate the conclusions of that report, and the wider policy questions.

This event is reserved for CERRE members' representatives and a select number of invited guests.  


Chairman's welcome and introduction 

Professor Bruno Liebhaberg

Director General,



Presentation of the findings of the CERRE Report, followed by Q & A session

Professor Martin Cave

Joint Academic Director, CERRE
Visiting Professor, Imperial College London



Tony Shortall

Director, Telage




Panel discussion


Lise Fuhr

Director General,



Anthony Whelan

Director for Electronic Communications Networks & Services, DG Connect,
European Commission



Conclusions and closing remarks

Wednesday 20 September 2017, 8.30-10.00,
University Foundation, Rue d'Egmont 11, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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